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By Oana Rosu on 24 Apr, 2017

I would like to say a big thank you to Dr Panesar and the entire team at Birmingham Orthodontics for the excellent service they provided and for giving me a great new smile.
I was referred to the practice by my local dentist and have had a really good experience with the practice during the 2 years I had my braces. Dr Panesar has explained all the options from the beginning, has been very patient and always kept me informed of the progress of my teeth and what to expect next during each appointment. He has great attention to detail and he kept on improving my teeth until we were both fully satisfied with the results.

I have had my braced removed a few months ago, and it has made a huge difference to my life. I now have the confidence to smile and laugh without being ashamed of my crooked teeth and think the experience has been totally worth it!

The entire team is extremely professional, always welcomes you with a smile and I would highly recommend using Birmingham Orthodontics!

By Razchela Padolina on 19 Feb, 2017

I had a fantastic experience at Birmingham Orthodontics! My teeth three years ago were far from perfect and for years I suppressed myself from smiling, but now I believe my teeth are perfect and really do have the confidence to smile. Since there were a lot of problems with my teeth I was aware that it would take over two years for them to be fixed; despite that in just a few months of having braces there were already clear results. I was stunned, I really didn’t think they’d be this beautiful! Dr Panesar was very clear with all his instructions for me and very patient during times where my teeth were being stubborn! The staff were very kind too, I didn’t think I’d feel so comfortable at the orthodontics. Once again, Thank you so much!

By Manjoot Singh on 08 Feb, 2017

Dr Panesar and his staff at Birmingham Orthodontics are highly professional and provide a great service. I would highly recommend Birmingham Orthodontics to anyone looking for Orthodontic treatment.

By Pavan Inazuma on 15 Jan, 2017

Best orthodontic care in Birmingham! Dr Panesar is a fantastic orthodontist! Highly recommended!

By Harry Jandu on 01 Jan, 2017

I have now had my braces removed and am extremely happy with the results. I can now smile for the first time in over 40 years without being aware of my teeth.

Dr Panesar was very professional, keeping me informed throughout my treatment. I would highly recommend Birmingham Orthodontics. So much so that my wife is now having treatment for her teeth as well.

By Pardip Matharu on 29 Dec, 2016

I always wanted to get a perfect and flawless set of teeth. However I was always faced with the difficult decision with choosing an orthodontist that was reliable and reputable. Nether the less, I came across Birmingham Orthodontics online.

From the first moment I stepped foot into Birmingham Orthodontics, I felt a warm and friendly welcoming.
My treatment was proceed by Dr.Panesar who was very professional and polite. I have had first class service and haven’t ever looked back and now have perfect teeth that I always wanted.
I highly recommend Mr.Panesar to anyone.

By Joe payne on 18 Nov, 2016

I am delighted with the service that Dr Panesar and Harvy provided during my treatment. The results are fantastic and I would highly recommend for anyone looking for orthodontic treatment. I haven’t stopped smiling since getting my braces off.

By Guvna Virdee on 06 Nov, 2016

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Birmingham Orthodontics UK for giving me a new smile!! My teeth were far from perfect due to a childhood injury and with natural movement due to age 😳.. I was reluctant to have treatment at my age but speaking to Jas and his staff they made me feel comfortable enough to go ahead with it. It wasn’t easy and I knew it was going to take time(3 years plus) but every visit I made was just getting better and better. The treatments were explained clearly and every process was talked through, today I can honestly say it was the best decision I had made, I have a beautiful smile and my confidence has grown. It’s not just about the treatment though, you have to feel comfortable where you are being treated not just environmentally but on a personal level too, the staff at Birmingham Orthodontics UK couldn’t be more nicer, always smiling and so easy to get on with and most importantly took away any worries I had about treatments. Once again .. THANK YOU!!!

By Jayne Sturridge on 27 Oct, 2016

After being advised to have a consultation with Dr Panesar and feeling very worried and nervous ,I was put at ease. Dr Panesar explained in great detail all choices available to me .He was honest and straight forward, he gave time scales which were accurate .Dr Panesar and the team at the Birmingham orthodontics were polite and very courteous throughout my visits there . Before my treatment my confidence had taken a huge plunge but since having the braces removed I am back to my cheerful self and cannot stop smiling at everyone. so glad I decided to go ahead with treatment and I would recommend anyone considering braces to book at consultation at Birmingham Orthodontics with Dr Panesar .

By Beth Cox on 17 Sep, 2016

I have experienced excellent treatment at Birmingham Orthodontics. Dr Panesar took lots of care and time to listen to what I wanted to achieve from my treatment including giving me extra information about playing a woodwind instrument with braces which is something I was concerned about. The whole team have always been extremely friendly and made all my options clear from the start. I am very pleased with my teeth now and would definitely recommend the practice! Thank you!

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