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By Naqibah Osman on 01 Sep, 2017

As a student studying in Birmingham, I relied on the reviews online to find the best care possible for my treatment. The reviews did not disappoint! From the start to finish, I received the best care possible and Dr Panesar was great. He treats his patients very well. He’s very lively and not once did I feel uncomfortable.

If you intend to find the best of the best treatment, Birmingham Orthodontist would be the place! Thank you to all the staff, especially Dr Panesar and Harvy! It’s been a pleasure to meet you all for the short period of time I was there.

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. 🙂

By Helen Chapman-McDonald on 28 Aug, 2017

I was delighted with the treatment we received from start to finish. The practice is professional and attentive to detail and customer satisfaction. Our dentist is highly qualified and experienced so you are in safe hands enabling you to get fantastic results. I would recommend this practice to everyone but they are exceptionally good with teenagers.

By Alfie Butt on 14 Jul, 2017

I have had fantastic service from Birmingham Orthodontics over the 19 months of my treatment. The team have been very friendly and helpful on each and every one of my visits. I have received an excellent quality of care, with any problems dealt with swiftly.
I am also very grateful because we were able to expedite my treatment to get my brace off before graduation. Overall I am extremely happy with the results and would recommend the practice to anyone at the drop of a hat.

By Raddi Ancheva on 07 Jul, 2017

At Birmingham Orthodontics you can be sure to receive outstanding service! Everything from the consultation up until the removal of the braces (and beyond) has been exceptional and to an extremely high standard, also ensuring that the patient is fully aware of everything treatment wise and price wise throughout the process. I would highly recommend this clinic, you will be in the hands of a great team of professionals!

By Munpreet Jhangra on 03 Jul, 2017

Dr Panesar and his team provide an outstanding service. Not only was Dr Panesar able to achieve my perfect smile in just 3 months (in time for my wedding day), he made me feel incredibly at ease by clearly explaining my treatment plan and what to expect. The surgery is very clean and the staff are very welcoming. Dr Panesar is also extremely accommodating – being able to offer appointments in the evenings and on weekends which is perfect for those like me who work full time.

By Halima Maqsood on 30 May, 2017

I would like to thank Dr Panesar and the team for an outstanding and professional service. All options were discussed at length with me during an initial consultation and at no point was I pressured into making a decision. The practice offers evening and weekend appointments which suited me as I did not have to take time out from work. My braces were removed exactly a year after starting treatment and I am delighted with the results. I Would highly recommend Birmingham Orthodontics.

By Oana Rosu on 24 Apr, 2017

I would like to say a big thank you to Dr Panesar and the entire team at Birmingham Orthodontics for the excellent service they provided and for giving me a great new smile.
I was referred to the practice by my local dentist and have had a really good experience with the practice during the 2 years I had my braces. Dr Panesar has explained all the options from the beginning, has been very patient and always kept me informed of the progress of my teeth and what to expect next during each appointment. He has great attention to detail and he kept on improving my teeth until we were both fully satisfied with the results.

I have had my braced removed a few months ago, and it has made a huge difference to my life. I now have the confidence to smile and laugh without being ashamed of my crooked teeth and think the experience has been totally worth it!

The entire team is extremely professional, always welcomes you with a smile and I would highly recommend using Birmingham Orthodontics!

By Razchela Padolina on 19 Feb, 2017

I had a fantastic experience at Birmingham Orthodontics! My teeth three years ago were far from perfect and for years I suppressed myself from smiling, but now I believe my teeth are perfect and really do have the confidence to smile. Since there were a lot of problems with my teeth I was aware that it would take over two years for them to be fixed; despite that in just a few months of having braces there were already clear results. I was stunned, I really didn’t think they’d be this beautiful! Dr Panesar was very clear with all his instructions for me and very patient during times where my teeth were being stubborn! The staff were very kind too, I didn’t think I’d feel so comfortable at the orthodontics. Once again, Thank you so much!

By Manjoot Singh on 08 Feb, 2017

Dr Panesar and his staff at Birmingham Orthodontics are highly professional and provide a great service. I would highly recommend Birmingham Orthodontics to anyone looking for Orthodontic treatment.

By Pavan Inazuma on 15 Jan, 2017

Best orthodontic care in Birmingham! Dr Panesar is a fantastic orthodontist! Highly recommended!

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